December 2020

Dear Friends,

This comes with all our love and gratitude always for the people you are and for the many wonderful cards we are receiving from so many. It proves that out of sight does not mean out of mind.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all not least in God’s own country (!) where at the moment you are battling the virus probably as never before. To call it rampant is an understatement. We know that only too well from our own family where even our youngest granddaughter was tested positive and the whole family had to isolate.

Here in North Somerset we have now moved down from Tier 3 to Tier 2 but God only knows for how long that will last. We count every day as a new blessing, but best of all we have found our new church, namely Kenn Road Methodist Church in Clevedon where already we have received the most wonderful welcome, and I have conducted my first two services there. Don’t worry, I am not called upon every Sunday, in fact my next one is not until early February at Yatton Methodist Church. Margaret will go on the March to May plan, but again, it will be the occasional service only. We are retired, after all.

As I am writing this, there are big question marks whether we or anyone shall be able to go on Les Jones’ pilgrimage to the Holy Land soon after Easter. Personally, I will be very hesitant if not dead against going anywhere until such time I have been vaccinated and Margaret feels the same, and this could be several months ahead for us both. Meanwhile, we take every day as it comes, manage our daily walk along the beautiful promenade and often onto the pier, but otherwise keeping ourselves to ourselves. This includes Christmas this year where all the family members have agreed that we are not going to mingle but celebrate each on our own. In fact, our daughter Heidi thinks it might be Easter before we can all get together again, but who can tell. Thank God for facetime and whats app (and yes, I know, you never expected to hear me say that!)

I continue my writing as and when I get the inspiration. There is no rush but I do believe that one day that novel will materialize. You know the one I mean: It Shouldn’t Happen to a Rev (subtitled Danish Pastory – GET IT?).

Finally, Margaret is well pleased with the attention she gets from the local Sunnyside surgery, and we are hopeful that she will soon go on the top of the waiting list for her knee replacement, so that when the virus has finally been beaten something might happen on that note. We hope so.

Our best wishes to you all for a merry Christmas and a very much happier New Year. Surely, it cannot be any worse? Still, we worry not but say Immanuel – ‘God with us’ – for He is, every step of the way.

 With love from

 Preben & Margaret

46 Thackeray Avenue, Clevedon BS21 7JJ      Landline: 01275 871510

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