Bereavement Support in Newport

Support for bereaved people in Newport can be very difficult to access. For those who approach Cruse Bereavement Care (the largest provider) there is frequently a very long waiting list, and this can also be the case with other counselling organisations. Those going through the pain and heartache of a close bereavement frequently do not need counselling. They just want to be able to talk openly to someone who will listen, who will understand what they are going through and will give them hope that they can rebuild their lives without their loved one.

Bob and Joy Jones have between them over 50 years of bereavement support experience, with Cruse Bereavement Care, Care for the Family & with the Association of Christian Counsellors. They have supported bereaved people on a UK-wide basis and have developed  Care for the Family’s Bereavement Care Awareness – a course to encourage and enable churches to support bereaved people they are in contact with – not just at the time of the funeral but in the weeks and months afterwards.

Bob and Joy worship at Bethel Community Church, and now they are largely retired they would like to develop a bereavement support drop-in service for the churches and community in Newport. The service would be under the auspices of The Gap – the charity set up by Bethel to manage community support work.

Although it is unlikely that this will start until well into next year, The Gap Trustees wanted to let churches in Newport know about these plans now and to seek comments as to whether churches in contact with bereaved people might be willing to signpost them to this drop-in facility. There may also be people in other churches who might want to get involved and help to provide support.

Another reason to be in contact now is that Bob and Joy are running their course at the Care for the Family’s office in Newport on Saturday November 9th. The course is open to anyone who wants to learn more about how churches can support bereaved people and would be ideal for anyone who may be interested in helping in the drop-in centre.

Bob and Joy would welcome any comments about these proposals and whether they would be of any help to churches in Newport and the bereaved people they are in contact with. Please do contact them at [email protected]  More details about the course on November 9th can be found at  and bookings can be made by telephoning Mark Whitehead at the Care for the Family office – 02920 810800

Pastor Andrew Cleverly

Bethel Community Church

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