Churches in Newport – November Bulletin

Churches in Newport

E-Bulletin November 2020

This Bulletin helps all the churches be more aware of our shared activities, news and events.

Diary dates this month

Sunday 8th November 10am  For King and His Kingdom Combined Churches on-line service with guest speaker Gary Morgan. Details and service:

Tuesday 17th November  7.30pm  Prayer meeting for Newport (on-line).

Contact Wesley for details [email protected] / 07974 821991.


News and prayer points from around the city (from the end of October)

Eden Gate. New Project Update: Eden Gate plans to launch a new, pilot “Assertive Outreach” project from 14th November. This seeks to meet those sleeping rough in Newport at their sleeping place on a Saturday and Sunday morning to provide them with a welfare check, breakfast, and the opportunity to access housing related support with our staff. This will be followed by a drop-in at our premises on Hill Street for those with support needs. This project aims to replicate the highly successful “Breakfast run” model that is provided on weekday mornings by the Wallich. It will bridge the weekend gap. Supporting People (Newport Council), The Wallich and Helen Jones are all supportive of this new project and we’ll continue to work closely with them throughout. If you know of anyone interested in volunteering please pass my details onto them: [email protected] or 07564 627099.

This means that Eden Gate will now be providing a total of 5 drop-ins each week:

Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays 10am–1pm; Saturdays and Sundays 10am–1pm (Rough sleepers only)

Christmas Wish List: This year, instead of shoe boxes we’ve put together an Amazon Wishlist ( of all the supplies we’ll be giving to rough sleepers during the winter months through Assertive Outreach. We thought this might be a safer option to help minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19. Parcels get sent straight to us at Eden Gate.

The future of Night Shelter: In June 2020 the Government stated that Night Shelter floor space is no longer an acceptable option for those experiencing homelessness and therefore we aren’t able to open our Night Shelter. It is because of this that the future of Night Shelter still currently seems uncertain. We are currently in communication with the council who are developing ideas with us about how we can provide emergency accommodation, as it is evident that it is still required. The council has asked me to enquire as to whether any churches have any grounds they aren’t using and whether those churches would be interested in offering this land temporarily over the winter for emergency “pod” accommodation. This would not be run by the church it would be run by Eden Gate and an on-site security team between the hours of 8pm and 8am. If you know of any churches that might be able to help could you please pass them my details and I’ll be happy to share some more information.

Please know that those rough sleeping in Newport are being well supported by various professional charities and organizations and we’re very grateful to be a part of this support.

Amazing Grace Spaces. Give thanks to God for 3 amazing ladies who are supporting the ladies at Grace house in this difficult season. Funding and support have been difficult to find for Grace House because we are less than 1 year old and not been able to fill the house through the year. We have had 8 ladies that we have supported at different times through the year, some we have assessed and have helped them move on to the right place for them. We are praying for more ladies to come to Grace House and funding so we can finish the 5th bedroom to complete refurbishment. We have had a huge number of enquiries for pods due to the rules around COVID and winter night shelters not opening this year. We are praying enquiries will become sales to help us support the work we do at AGS and help the charity become sustainable.

Olive Branch. Pray for the Olive Branch as they provide services for the homeless in the city.

Diverse Manners. Pray that God continues to inspire this group of Christian artists.

Sanctuary. Give thanks for renewed funding and a new venue for the bike recycling project. Pray for the sanctuary as we try to remould vital wellbeing activities safely. Asylum seekers are very isolated and frequently struggle with poor mental health. Social activities help alleviate that but it’s a challenge whilst keeping everyone safe. Pray for our 5 staff as we constantly support and input into people’s lives.

Pray for more properties to accommodate refugees who routinely experience homelessness.

Street Pastors. 1. Give thanks that we now have a new permanent home. We have been given a space by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in their building along with Newport Food Bank. God is so good. 2. Even though we are still not able to patrol in the City, when we can we now have a great base. 3. Pray for the past seeds that have been sown and God to use any contact we have had, or can have via Facebook etc.

Raven House Trust (RHT) Prayer points: 1. To identify any funding/grants that might be applicable to RHT in order to support the running of the business as we are in danger financially; 2. We are able to use discernment to ensure the grants applied for are used wisely to support vulnerable families in the best way possible; 3. We are able to obtain new volunteers to support the running of the shop, we are really short staffed with no funds to employ at this present time. 4. We come up with new ideas to engage the general public in supporting RHT both from an awareness point of view and in any ways they can physically.

Newport Foodbank. Please pray that we can work well with other agencies to provide the best service possible in these times. Pray for safety for our volunteers and that we can be a means of grace in what we do as contact is now very minimal. Donations:

Bridge Counselling. 1. Thanks to the church in Newport for a wonderful response to our appeal for help when we were finally given notice to quit. We have finally settled in at Faith Church. 2. COVID has forced us to become an online service. Praise God for all the help to set this up. Thanks to God for all the people who the Lord has led to give us help. 3. Prayers for more clients – especially for our students on placement.

  1. Pray for the Bridge Centre hub. In the new year we will need more administrators to provide support in the hub for our counsellors; 5. Pray for more Trustees to guide us in this new way of counselling.

Neighbourhood Chaplains. Prayer points: 1. for sensitivity in supporting those we are already in touch with; 2. for new volunteers and for wisdom in planning ahead for when we can visit again.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP). COVID meant face-face visits stopped. CAP have now adapted their approach and our main contact/visits are being done via phone with some limited church-based face-to-face meetings. This is more challenging in helping and supporting clients. CAP is seeing a reduction in people seeking help. This may be due to less referrals from other agencies and less chasing by creditors.

With so much uncertainty and weekly changes in some clients’ situations, it presents challenges in having something regular to stick to and move forward with. In time expecting an increased demand for debt help.

ICE Wales. We have set up a YouTube channel with assemblies and Bible story times. This has gone into about 45 schools. We praise God and would value prayer that the schools would continue to use the channel and what we put up for next half term. Pray too for the Christmas celebration that we are planning.

YouTube channel:

Transforming Lives for Good. There has been no contact with the children this term. We are unsure about the future because of Covid and what the school can cope with.

Good News for Everyone (formerly Gideons). 1. Now is the time we normally go to school to distribute scriptures to year 7 children; because of the pandemic this is not possible; it is not a priority to Head teachers at this point in time. Pray for open doors. 2. The new Hospital in Cwmbran so that we can place testaments in the bedside cabinets; need to work with the hospital chaplains there. 3. We are not Gideons UK anymore. We are called at present Good News for everyone; Pray for a new name and the logo, a Christian Branding company is looking at it; pray that God will lead us into a good name & logo.

Bible School has been on-line since June. We have a bigger number of students attending as it allows any person to enrol and participate from home. Enrol at:

Prayer for Newport. 1. Give thanks we can meet on-line to pray; 2. Pray for those in authority in our city.

Update on St. Paul’s. Bridge Street is now shut and we have totally relocated down to St Stephen’s.

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