FIRST IMPRESSIONS by the Rev Preben Andersen


We’re in

Now the fun can begin

The move executed

But spirits diluted

So much in a mess

Which adds to the stress

The carpets are late

Delays which we hate

No room for our stuff

We’ve had almost enough…

But then we decide

To go for a ride

Take in the fresh air

Find a bench or a chair

A stroll on the prom

For an hour, then some

Feeling one with creation

And sensing elation

Onto Poet’s Walk

For a stroll and a talk

Ending up at the pub

For a drink and some grub

‘ere it’s time to go home

In the wilderness roam…

“It will be okay”

“We will find a way”

“The garden’s been done”

“Soon the mess will be gone”

“But the telly plays up”

“Channel mess up non-stop”

“And our mobiles won’t send”

“Perhaps too many a bend?”

Yet the town is a dear

With facilities near

We have all we shall need

Once we get up to speed

Though whatever the task

We must don our mask

Social distance to boot

Oh boy, what a hoot!

The pandemic goes on

Yet one battle is won

We’re at home by the sea

My beloved and me!                                                                                   04.09.2020

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