From Rev Gordon our new Circuit Superintendant

Thank You G1I hope to be inundated with stories across the Circuit to share. My own story begins with a  thank you to my colleagues and Circuit Stewards who have placed such trust in me, with an especial Thanks to Rev Preben Andersen for his encouragement and support; A true Christian; and to Gill Benson, Shirley Medhurst and all at St. Julian’s for hosting a loverrrly [as we say here in Newport!] Welcome Service. They enabled me and many to encounter the Living God revealed in Jesus Christ.

Thank You G2And a big thank you  to all who came and supported last night, all who have spoken such generous words, to all who have blessed us this last three years and to all who continue to pray for Sue and I. We are truly humbled by the warmth of feeling expressed and may we walk all walk with the Lord as we seek to grow the Creator God’s Fruitful Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


P.S. Keep those stories coming!

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