Introducing new hymns published on StF+

Singing the Faith PLUS

Over the first two years of its life, Singing the Faith Plus published 48 hymn texts not included in the Singing the Faith hymn book. That was two new hymns a month by a total of 23 different authors. Some of the hymns had been available before in other places; most had not. Some of the authors had already been featured in Singing the Faith; many had not.Musical Notes

Our aim has been to encourage individuals and groups to write hymns and to publish texts that complement those already present in Singing the Faith itself. Some texts have been very much of their moment (for example, responding directly to a natural disaster) or helpful for a specific service, such as Remembrance Sunday. Most are of value the whole year round. All hymns on this site are published on the understanding that they can be used freely by site-users, with any copyright information printed as appropriate.

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