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 Paula is a Minister in South Wales and has experienced her fair share of grief, she writes :

‘ I authored this book because I know that there’s Nothing Good about Grief. When it strikes at the heart, for any reason, the effects send us reeling into bereavement. We are drawn into a vortex of loss, and it feels like we can’t escape. This experience is familiar to us all, life buffets us, and we get hurt. And our grief is left unresolved. What can you do when your heart is broken? What happens when you find yourself in one of the darkest periods of your life which can feel like the valley of the shadow of death? How can you cope when your whole life is turned upside down and when all that is familiar and held dear is suddenly gone? Perhaps you are supporting someone who is grieved, or just want to research the topic, then this book is for you. Like everyone else on the planet, I have experienced my own dark valley of mourning. Without doubt, within these pages, you will find support and the good news you have been looking for.

Change is all about us these days, our reality is vastly different from a few months ago. Suddenly we all have become very vulnerable. The world is experiencing an unprecedented catastrophe. Collectively, we weep and grieve. The worldwide pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still a reality for us all. This unforeseen disaster has swiftly taken the lives of loved ones, leaving the grieving disillusioned and struggling to make sense of it all. During the government-imposed lockdown, people lost livelihoods, assets, and social freedoms.

Grief is a natural reaction to loss. Bereavement is the process we go through when we grieve. Being a member of the human race means we walk through dark valleys throughout our lives. As described in Psalm 23, some of those valleys may feel like we are passing through death itself, dramatically changing our reality forever. We try to express to others how we are feeling. Careworn, we fail to find the words that accurately describe our pain. No one can take away our grief. We feel alone.

The devastation of our anguish is not apparent to those around us but is certainly visible to the heart. Finding a pathway through can be complicated. There is certainly Nothing Good about Grief ! ’

For over 40 years, and over several countries, Paula has worked as a church leader and professional counsellor with hurting people through their dark valley of grief and into recovery. In this book you will journey with the author while learning that we have a Shepherd who leads us on, who understands, and weeps for our pain. Our loving Shepherd is calling us into His love and mercy – today. 

An interesting and an easy read. This book may help you to effectively help the bereaved or help you through your own grief. Available on Amazon in

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