UPDATE – 5 Practices of Fruitful Congregations

5-Practices-of-Fruitful-Congregation-4_25x2_5The Circuit review undertaken by Cynthia and Roger Bafico highlighted real concerns in most, not all, but most of our Churches as regards ‘age profile’. There is, as there are in Church up and down the land, missing generations; ‘Generation Z’ [1999 – present]: ‘Generation Y’ or Millenials [1981-1998] and even a shortfall in ‘Generation X’ [1965 – 1980] all of which are under represented in our Churches and Chapels.

To try and address this we, as a Circuit are seeking to help Churches engage in missional ways, not only with these age groups but also ‘Baby Boomers’ and others. Part of this help is to encourage Churches and Individuals to develop ‘Godly Practices’, or, as the title of the book says: 5 Practices of Fruitful Congregations.

We, as a Circuit, have introduced this at a Circuit level and now seek to personalise this in the Churches. As such I [Gordon] have organised introduction sessions that will lead into the evening Worship. Concentrating on the first two Practices, the first being ‘RADICAL HOSPITALITY’, looking at how a Church can develop new gifts and skills at offering Hospitality and Welcome to others, and, if ‘others’ feel welcome and engage in Church we need to be offering the 2nd Practice: PASSIONATE WORSHIP.

These Practices are for everyone to have a say in. These Practices are practical and offer opportunities for team work and coordination in the purpose of drawing others into the love of God we all know of through our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

At Trinity Methodist Church, in Glasllwch Lane, we begin at 4.30 PM and RADICAL HOSPITALITY is on Sunday June 3rd and PASSIONATE WORSHIP is on Sunday July 15th.

At Langstone Methodist Church, we begin at 5.00 PM and RADICAL HOSPITALITY is on Sunday June 10th and PASSIONATE WORSHIP is on Sunday July 8th.

The feedback from the Circuit Road shows was positive, and Chepstow Methodist Church were able to share how these Practices are starting to bear fruit in their fellowship. Please do encourage one another to engage and if you have any questions please do contact me.


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