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2016 Sporting MarvelsI think this is the first time I’ve ever reported on a request for Bibles in the UK !! Something is stirring and I truly believe we live in exceptional times. Back in 2002, we had an office in Treorchy, I had just finished off the Million Hours of Prayer for Wales project and one Friday morning in July at our weekly prayer meeting Sporting Marvels was born. The idea was to use sports coaching in Schools to put a positive Christian Role model in front of every school child. To say the Rhondda was in a mess at the time would be understating the truth. Drugs, unemployment, abuse in the home were rife and no-one seemed to have a solution. The common advice given by parents to their children was – ‘If you want to get on in life – your going to have to LEAVE !!’

With all of that said, a small acorn of an idea from that prayer meeting on the 5th July 2002 emerged and against all odds, Sporting Marvels was born. Years have gone by, crime is down, unemployment is down, physically the whole place looks brighter. I wonder if that spark of faith and much prayer 14 years ago has had this tremendous effect on the 34 villages that make up the two Rhondda valleys. Sporting Marvels now have ten full time workers in schools across the Rhondda, providing Sports coaching support to the RE team. As fully committed Christians the Marvels also provide PSE lessons to the children. These lessons have customised work books which give life lessons drawn from Biblical Characters, which is where the appeal comes in. In 2014 an idea was birthed to give children in the Sporting Marvels programme a Bible at the end of the school year as a gift from the Marvels to them. Effectively putting the Gods word back into the centre of the home. The picture at the top shows the Bibles that were given away last year. In previous years this give away has been sponsored but this year, no sponsorship was found. So Sporting Marvels is inviting Christians from around the UK to sponsor an age specific NLT Bible to be put in the hands of 650 children who will graduate the Sporting Marvels programme.

So I am asking you for three things :-

1) Please pray that Sporting Marvels will be able to give Bible out this year.

2) If the Lord leads you to support this Bible Appeal, Click Here.

3) Could you let as many people know about this as possible and ask your Church to send a gift to Sporting Marvels, Click Here for their details.

I’m excited about this as Sporting Marvels is seeing slow but steady community transformation, to the extent that they have recently planted a church to accomodate the possibility of a generation in the Rhondda turning to Christ in their hundreds.

Every Blessing





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