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Monmouth Methodist Church, who had taken some young people to Soul Survivor in August has begun a course, ‘Mission Academy’, to support & develop young peoples’ evangelism amongst their peers.  About the meeting on Tuesday September 4th they said: Good news stories are such a good way of encouraging others, so I hope you get plenty more Gordon.

Soul Survivor Church

‘We had a really good evening – 10 young people from both the Links Youth Fellowship (Monmouth) and Llandogo Church Youth (who we went to the Soul survival festival with). The aim of the course being to get the young people to pray for and engage with several (target 6) of their friends about their faith with a view to bringing one (or more!) of them to Christ. The “friends” have been identified, so over the next few months we’ll be supporting them in the task.’

 This is God at work and the Monmouth youth team are putting in a grant application to the Circuit for T.V. and Sound equipment to help them in their clearly identified mission, which, I am sure, the Grants Committee will agree to this.

Soul Survivor imageThis is an example of how Monmouth is seeking to be a ‘Fruitful Congregation’. Monmouth Methodist Church, last Sunday, began the new Connexional year by welcoming 7 new members, six transfers and a Confirmation. Let us praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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